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tv   News 4 Midday  NBC  September 10, 2012 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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good morning, everyone, welcome to news 4 midday. i'm barbara harrison. >> and i'm keith russell. it's monday, september 10. we begin with road being with that could cause delays for drivers who use that busy memorial bridge. crews are repairing the bridge that connects arlington and the district. the project expected to take several weeks to compete. news 4 tony toll. >> reporter: crews have started shutting down lanes. if you use the bridge daily, buckle up.
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>> the traffic was flowing fine. so far, there's not been a slowdown. >> reporter: smooth sailing over the memorial bridge, even during rush hour this morning. but take a good look at this video. this is the last time you'll see this for the next two months. >> once in a while, i take the bridge. i try to avoid 95. >> reporter: it is a handful of bridges in the area deemed deficient. a significant load bearing element needs repaired. not that the bridge is unsafe. the national park service began construction and repair on the bridge, expected to last through november. >> more specifically, the actual asphalt needs to be repaired. also, the sidewalks. there's two sidewalk areas where you can now see spans that will take pedestrians and bicycles over the area that needs to be repaired. >> reporter: you can expect 4 of the 6 lanes to be closed while
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the crews make repairs. on the westbound side, it will be shut down from 9:30 p.m. till 2:30 a.m. least one lane will always be open running in both directions. >> if right now it gets a little crazy, it's going to be a nightmare. >> reporter: how do you accommodate almost a quarter million commuters? you offer them alternatives. >> we would suggest people use the roosevelt bridge, the key bridge or the 14th street bridge. >> reporter: in total, 215 bridges in the d.c. area were found to be deficient. the five major ones that cross the potomac were also found to be in need of repair. so you can guarantee once they finish the memorial bridge, they'll be moving over to fix those bridges as well. we're not looking forward to delays when that comes. tony tall, news 4.
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>> tony, thank you. today, people around our area still cleaning up after this weekend's major storm. news 4's megan mcgrath. >> reporter: we're here on south shore road. this a neighborhood with a lot of tall, mature trees. saturday's storm, a lot of those trees came tumbling down. you can see the huge stack of broken limbs. we have a truck, you can see the damage here. just a very scary situation. fortunately, no injuries so despite all of the damage, people consider themselves quite lucky. now, in terms of the power
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outages, at the height of all of this, there were thousands of people without power. most people are back online, they have their electricity back. in resten, megan mcgrath, news 4. >> i was without electricity saturday night. >> you had to battle through. >> but look at that sky right there. the temperature just -- >> just a little nippy. >> it was this morning, but not now. it's warming up beautifully now. under this bright strong september sun. temperatures right now at just past 11:00. 70 at reagan national. it's near 70s throughout most of the region. elsewhere, here's the wider view temperatures. in the shenandoah valley, into
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the mountains, which this morning were 50 degree, are now climbing into the mid to upper 60s there. prince georges counties are generally up around 70. all of this thanks to the high pressure that pushed in. of course, the price we paid for all of this with these storms we had on saturday. but the drier air, the lower humidity, the cooler temperatures, they are in place now. they'll be with us for the rest of the week. i'll have details on that. that's coming up in just a couple of minutes. back to you. >> it's warmer than when i came in thi morning. more trouble for the icc. inspectors say they found cracks. in addition to cracks they found on three bridges earlier this year. maryland transportation officials insist the bridges are safe. the contractors who built the roadway will have to pay for repairs. one contractor is disputing the
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findings the inspectors. >> we'll check on the traffic now. i can tell you, we were not running that well. i was trying to get into town. shooting a wednesday's child piece. let's find out. >> is it easier for us now? >> things are easier after the dulles toll road. accident gone but still have some delays approaching the scene. nuttily, where the delays began. those delays are closing up. in maryland, looking fantastic right now. on 95 and the bw parkway in each direction. back to you. >> thanks, mike. a man is in the hospital after being shot along rhode island avenue in northeast d.c. the shooting happened around 10:00 near a right aid store. we're told a man was shot in the leg. he was taken to the hospital. his name and condition are not being released.
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so far, no arrests have been made. >> who could have known yesterday would be the start of a career or a season that great? raise your hand by the count of three. put them down unless you're rg3. 320 yards in the win over the saints in new orleans. he's the only one who got a victory. what will he do to top that next sunday? i know you can't wait to see, nor can we. watching the game with my college buddies from oregon state, we kept saying, this guy doesn't look nervous. our own dann hellie was in new orleans. >> reporter: it was a masterful performance last night. the defense delivered against brees and robert griffin iii walked on water. a couple of touchdown pass and 320 yards in his nfl debut. he's also the first rookie qb to lead his offense to 40 points
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since 1950. >> you seem so comfortable out there, so poised. was there a welcome to the nfl moment? any butterflieses? >> there were butterflies. but one thing i tried to make sure i did was keep my mind clear. know what i had to go out and do. and just be myself, have fun. don't stress about it. don't try to prove anything. i think i leaned on the other guys this week. especially in this game to do their jobs. and make sure they were where they were supposed to be. >> he had two or three played that were off balance that only a great athlete can make and a guy that has his type of talent. hopefully, we can keep getting better and better. and, you know, this is obviously a kickoff for us. >>. >> reporter: so number 10 leads them to points in every single quarter. something about that number just sounds good for the next i don't know dade or so.
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and the other rookie, alfred morris, had 96 rushing yards and two touchdowns to go along with rg3's incredible game in the big easy. more coming up from redskins park tonight at 5:00. >> boy, a lot of folks were really happy. breaking a rookie record too. his guys, his teammates. told him, you're not a rookie anymore. the time is now 11:09. coming up, the threat against the member royal family. >> plus, what members are expecting to get done this session. [ romney ] this president can ask us to be patient.
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this president can tell us it was someone else's fault. but this president cannot tell us that you're better off today than when he took office. [ female announcer ] here in virginia, we're not better off under president obama. his defense cuts threaten over one hundred thirty thousand jobs, lowering home values, putting families at risk. the romney plan? tax cuts for middle class families. north american energy independence. create over three hundred forty thousand new jobs for virginia. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney
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and i approved this message.
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earlier this morning, the u.s. military handed over
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control of bagram prison. bagram prison holds about 3,000 detainees. afghan president hamid karzai called the action a victory for afghan sovereignty. the taliban reportedly threatened to kill prince harry. sky news is reporting the taliban is describing the 27-year-old as a high value target and they will, quote, make their best efforts to arrest or kill him. harry arrived in afghanistan last week for his second tour of duty. officials say harry did not want any royal treatment during this mission. harry's first tour in afghanistan was back in 2008. it was kept a secret because of security concerns. we now have a new firsthand account of what happened during a raid that killed bin laden. a former s.e.a.l. who took part in the mission wrote the book no
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easy day using the fake name mark owen. he was on the helicopter that crashed in pakistan in may 2011. he was also the second man who entered bin laden's bedroom. he spoke to "60 minutes" in a disguise, using makeup, his voice also altered. he said 24 men trained for the mission. he happened to be one of the ones who pulled the trigger and shot bin laden. though he didn't know at the time who he shot. >> everybody thinks it was like you know it's him. no, to us at that time, it could have been anybody. maybe this is a bodyguard. it doesn't matter. the point is, to just continue clearing. a bullet wound in the head so -- that gruesome. >> children and a woman who were in the compound confirmed it was bin laden, as well as dna tests. the pentagon is considering legal action against the author, claiming the book contains classified information. the man who goes by the name of owen says nothing in the book
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compromises u.s. safety or security. the federal government is expected to recognize rescue workers and people living near ground zero during the september 11 attacks got cancer as a result. accord to "the new york post," the national institute for occupational safety and health will announce the findings this week. cancer's just one of the illnesses covered in the 9/11 health and could pam compensati. it was named after the man who died after working at ground zero. about 400 residents and rescue worker died of cancer since 9/11. the cost of running the 9/11 memorial in new york city has some people concerned with the price tag. officials estimate it will take $60 million a year to operate the world trade center memorial and museum. most of the cost is for airport-type security at that site. the museum is supposed to bring in most of the money but it's
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not complete. memorial officials are asking congress for the help in oper e operating expenses. >> today, congress is back to work. after a five-week vacation, lawmakers head back to the capital with a laundry list of bills to consider. topping the list, should the bush era tax cuts be extended? they are set to expire at the end of the year. another issue is the farm bill that will give millions of dollars in loans and grants for livestock producers and farmers. the money will help those affected by the devastating drought this summer. the bill also includes funding for food stamp programs. >> we're enjoying such a gorgeous day. i can't wait to get outside. >> me neither, me neither. >> cool and sunshine. welcome back. we miss you last week. >> thank you. great to be back. it's warming up. we were off to a chilly start. i took a little stroll around and it's gorgeous. temperatures have climbed right into the comfort zone. we've got this big dry air mass that's coming over the entire eastern half of the country
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except down south where it's still rather humid. much of the nation enjoying this gorgeous weather and we're in store for more as the week progresses. it came in and then sunday morning, i thought, it's so beautiful, i'm going to take a bike ride. this is north of point rocks, maryland. it was right after i almost had a deer run into me. i stopped for a while. just to make sure that there are no more deer coming. then i came up to brunswick, maryland, which has a beautiful park right on the potomac. i took this picture. i was joined on that path by a lot of people out jogging and walking. some kids were riding their bikes right through the puddles of course.
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there's a live view. showing those puffy fair weather cumulus clouds. right now, it's at 71 at reagan national. dew point, a comfortably dry 51. the wind gusting at around 15 or so. these areas in dark green still in the 50s. the other areas in green further east are still in the 60s. right around washington, near 70. much of southern maryland, the eastern shore, right around 70. all of this due to this gorgeous clear sky. this big area of high pressure pushing down from the north and west. it's going to be in place for the week ahead. giving us plenty of sunshine for the rest of the afternoon. just a few clouds around. winds out of the northwest may pick up a bit. we'll be into the upper 70s. back down to the low 70s early evening.
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a gorgeous evening coming up. clear and cool. we'll be down to the mid-60s by midnight. it's going to be even cooler tomorrow morning than it was this morning. in fact, all the way down to near 50 degrees. much of the region tomorrow morning. that's way below the average. that's more like mid-october. we'll have afternoon highs tomorrow with less wind up around upper 70s. and still low humidity in place. and lots of sun. and by popular acclaim, we'll keep it going all the way into wednesday, thursday and even friday. each day, mornings, cool in the 50s to around 60. afternoon highs around 80 or so but not too humid, just gorgeous. over the weekend though, a front coming might give us a passing shower saturday night, maybe off and on. otherwise, we'll take october in september. >> yes, we will. >> the 90s are behind us for sure. >> well, they might be. >> you come back and you bring some good luck with you. >> i'm doing what i can.
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we're going to see how the traffic is moving around the washington area. >> what's the latest? >> things are looking great now. eastbound 66 slow approaching 95. no serious problems on 95 in virginia. looking at 123, no serious backups. 395 slow approaching construction at the 14th street bridge. about a 13 minute ride from the beltway to the bridge at 49 miles per hour. 11:20 is the time now. still ahead on news 4 midday, shingles is a painful skin rash that can be avoided. anncr: this casino's in west virginia.
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but it makes millions off marylanders every year. now they're running dishonest ads. why? because voting for question seven is a vote to build a... world-class resort casino in maryland. creating thousands of jobs and... ...according to the official department of legislative... services, hundreds of millions for our schools. while saving taxpayer money by cutting casino subsidies. question seven. good jobs and better schools in marylandnot west virginia.
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doctors say the shingles vaccine is being underused and could save people from a painful itchy rash with blisters. good morning, doctor. start by telling us, what's shingles? a lot of people i talk to don't even know what it is. >> it is a virus. it's actually the same virus that causes chicken pox. we get chicken pox when we're younger. it stays in the body. and then can be reactivated at any time. usually later in life. then it can form a blistering painful rash in one area of the body. >> most people who haven't got be chicken pox thinks they can't get shingles. >> anybody who has had chicken pox can get shingles.
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>> who should get the vaccine? we were talking in the commercial break. you said there's certainly a target age group. >> everybody over the age of 60 should be considered for it. and discuss it with their health care provider. we can give the vaccine down to 50 years old. the cdc doesn't have recommendations for ages 50 to 60 but we are able to do it. the vaccine available for that group. >> why shouldn't younger people get it? why does the age start so high? >> it's more that the complication, become greater. the severity of disease is much more significant the older we are. we don't want to vaccinate understand necessarily. it's a one-time inoculation and it's thought to last 7 to 15 years. so we want to do it within a certain area to make sure we're covered. >> you start talking diseases,
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you start talking insurance. is insurance an issue? >> it absolutely is. medicare part d does cover it. but part b does not. and that does leave several people without the insurance. especially because we want to make sure our 65 and older -- >> without the ibs, how expensive are -- if i don't have insurance and want to get a vaccine for shingle, what am i looking at? >> it could be hundreds. we try to work around the problem by giving patients a prescription, go to their pharmacy, pick it up and bring it in. >> in terms of shingles, you said it's a rash. it can start in the form of a rash. but you have to get on top of that thing quickly. how quickly? >> it doesn't even have to start just as a rash. it can even start as pain in one area. or just a tingling sensation. and usually within the first about 72 hours really is about the time we want to get on top of it, start the anti-vial
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treatment so we can reduce the severity. >> that vaccine, how effective has it proven to be? >> wonderful. it actually reduces the incidents about 50% of developing the disease. reduces the complications about two-thirds. >> doctor, proving that shingles are not just on the roof, this is a serious issue. thanks for stopping by. >> 11:27 is the time. coming up, on the picket line. why teachers in chicago are refusing to go back to work. plus, why campaigning went way beyond the normal handshake for president obama this weekend. if you thought this morning was chil chilly, tom tells u when we can chilly, tom tells u when we can expect cooler weather.
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i'm barack obama, and i approve this message. mitt romney's position onwe can women's's dangerous. vo:mitt romney and paul ryan would get rid of planned parenthood funding. and allow employers to deny coverage for cancer screenings and birth control. we can't afford to let him take away our choices... to take away basic health care. vo: both backed proposals to outlaw abortions...even in cases of rape and incest. i don't think that women's health issues have faced a crisis like this in decades.
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right now on news 4 midday, the national park service is preparing to repair the
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arlington bridge. crews will shut down various lanes. resettle the granite curb and replace sections of the sidewalk. the project is expected to be completed in november. residents in our region are still clean up from saturday's nasty storm. and trees littered all over the road. with some cars smashed underneath tree limbs. power companies are reporting only a few households are still without power. new developments in the chicago teacher strike. 26,000 teachers are off the job and walking the picket lines. negotiations between the union and the board are under way. the two sides have not been able to agree on reforms. >> of course, teachers, we don't want a strike, but right is right. as teachers, we want to do ways right for our students.
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>> this is the first time in 25 years the teachers have gone on strike. many of the students are on free meal plans. we are now less than two months. i repeat, less than two months away from the general election. both crisscrossing the country. nbc's tracy potts has that story. >> reporter: the only thing more surprising than this is the fact that scott's a big fan of president obama and is a ve registered republican. he got a big bounce from the convention. he said mitt romney's tax plan doesn't add up. >> you already have deficits. you have $5 trillion of new tax cuts. you have new defense spending.
11:33 am
and somehow you're going to close the deficit without raising taxes on middle class families. they did not take their arithmetic course. >> i'm not going to increase the tax burden on middle class families. >> reporter: romney hits middle ground ohio today and wisconsin in a new tv ad. >> here in wisconsin, we're not better off under president obama. >> reporter: romney saying he'd keep parents of what republicans call obama care. >> to assure that the marketplace allows for individuals to have policies. >> reporter: while there are sharp differences over jobs and taxes -- >> i don't believe another round of tax cuts for millionaires are going to bring jobs back from overseas. >> reporter: one thing is clear, it's still a slow recovery. that was reflected in friday's job numbers. fewer jobs than expected created in august. and even though we saw the unemployment rate drop, experts
11:34 am
say it was because many people are no longer working for work. >> a brand-new state of the art athletic field was dedicated in the name of yardley love. the field is located at notre dame prep near baltimore where she attended high school. she is the former university of virginia lacrosse player who was murdered two years ago. her ex-boyfriend beat her to death in a drunken rage. he was sentenced to 23 years in prison. her family says building the field is what kept them going. >> it gave us something positive to focus on and to work on. it really pulled us up and got us going and got us out every day. >> the field cost $1.2 million to build and was financed through donations to the school and the one love foundation started by her family to help raise awareness for dating vile
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zbleens we could learn more about the search of a killer of that high school honors student. prince georges county police are holding a public meeting tonight to discuss amber stanley's murder. someone shot and killed the 17-year-old last month in her own bed at her home in kettering. detectives will give an update on their investigation. tonight's meeting begins at 7:00 at the community center. also tonight, the naacp will once again call on the city to overall its police department. it's holding a protest before a city council meeting. angry about this incident caught on tape. shows a laurel police officer slapping a man in handcuffs at a bar last month. the naacp says it's received several complaints from people who claim laural police officers used excessive force on them as well. >> we'll check on our forecast again. find out when we're going to see cooler temperatures.
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>> meteorologist tom kierein. >> what a glorious day, it's absolutely perfect. a beautiful blue sky. the winds gusting around 15, 20 miles an hour. you can see the sun splashed lawn behind me here. absolutely gorgeous day. enjoy. it's going to be lasting for a while. that's a live view from our city camera. there's the washington monument. jefferson memorial left of your screen. there goes a butterfly. we have had this gorgeous weather. it was just beautiful yesterday. we kept it going today. right now, it's near 70 around northern virginia, much of maryland. temperatures out in the shenandoah valley. around the blue ridge this morning and out in west virginia, many locations were down to the upper 40s. right now, the low 70s there. for the next several days, enjoy
11:37 am
this wonderful autumnal pattern. i love saying the word "autumnal." over the weekend, a little front coming through, but still autumnal. might get passing showers saturday into sunday. >> i think you're having too much fun out there, chasing butterflies. >> a couple of them just flew right through here. >> all right. thank you, tom. come on back here in. nasa is helping launch a mission to try and solve one of the planet's great mysteries. why are salty parts of the ocean becoming saltier and fresh water areas becoming fresher? researchers are heading into one particularly salty region of the north atlantic. they'll track the salinity of the water there. they say it will give them a better understanding of the global water cycle. many oceanographers believe climate change is to blame. we'll check on the traffic now.
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>> >> the 66 had a new incident eastbound, that's been taken out of the way. slight delay heading to the beltway. it 70 fantastic each direction. germ town, no serious backups. a bit slow heading to the 14th street bridge because of the construction. traffic is getting by to the left. >> this will make you and a lot of people happy around this region. virginia is making it easier for drivers to pick up an ez pass transponder to pay for tolls. drivers can get prepaid devices at 20 giant stores in northern virginia. vdot says it expects to announce more partners in the fall. the d.c. taxicab commission wrapping up a public hearing about the seedsedan company ube.
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to decide whether to implement new sedan class. that includes setting the minimum price at five times the minimum of taxis. many of uber's customers say the sedans will pick up in areas taxis simply will not. the mystery of the falling airplane door remains a mystery today. the faa still hasn't figured out how a landing door gear fell and landed in a seattle area neighborhood. nbc's charles had lock talked to residents of that quiet neighborhood about the story that's gaining international attention. >> it's a mystery of sorts. >> and the big part landed right behind the car. >> reporter: how a landing gear door from a passing jetliner crashed into a seattle area neighborhood. >> it was a big slap of metal. >> reporter: neighbors in kent, washington, said they saw a
11:40 am
low-flying plane like this one just before the carbon fiber door smashed to the ground in front of john hanson's house. >> came back to turn in my driveway and there was a part of an airplane. >> reporter: a tag indicates it came from a boeing 767. the faa is investigating. >> they're going to look at the maintenance of it and then also whether the airport, whether the gear waxy tended at the proper speeds. >> reporter: it's not the first time airplane parts have rained. last year, chunks of metal peppered a neighborhood with debris. no one was hurt. in florida, the door and stair well from a small plane rip away and landed on a golf course. in 2009, an engine of a d.c. 9 cargo plane exploded on takeoff in brazil. the plane landed safely but bombarded a neighborhood with
11:41 am
pa parts. some weighing 500 pounds. >> when you think of the amount of flights we do per day both with the -- there are thousands of airplanes that fly every day and it's rare to have something come off them. >> reporter: back in washington state, john hanson is holding on to a part of the plane's door that nearly hit his house. >> a souvenir. keep it around. see how lucky i was. today, maryland will honor its olympics heroes in baltimore. michael phelps will be among those celebrated. paralympians from maryland will be honored for their accolades. the paralympic games just wrapped up in london. and redskins fans have a reason to celebrate today. the burgundy and gold upset the saints in their season opener. robert griffin appears to be jumpt as good as advertised.
11:42 am
the skins silenced the saints fans. this is what you heard. rg3. threw for 320 yards and two touchdowns as the skins upset the saints. 40-32. he didn't throw any interceptions. five rookie quarterbacks started yesterday. griffin is the only one who won. how about that? needless to say, redskins fans are thrilled after yesterday's games. these folks packed public restaurants in d.c. to watch rg3's first game. saying the team seems like a whole new team with griffin as the leader. >> i'm glad to see that d.c. got its time and the redskins are here. >> i love it. rg3. future is now. this is awesome. >> it's pretty exciting.
11:43 am
despite myself, i'm excited for the season. >> the future is now. the redskins travel to st. louis to take on the rams next weekend. he made his home debut yesterday. >> home is where the shatter. >> he was in new orleans yesterday. i was watching it on tv so i considered him here. >> we were with him. his home is wherever he takes that field. >> isn't that true? >> bryce harper has the hottest selling je selling jersey. he and the other rookies sported leotard, as part of the team's annual hazing ritual. pitcher gio gonzalez tweeted these pics. this is probably more embarrassing than what last year's rookies went through. they had to dress up like
11:44 am
smurfs. would you rather wear a leotard? or would you rather be a smurf? >> they're in good shape. >> you can flex those muscles. unless you're a smurfette. i'd rather be in leotards. >> 11:44 is the time. still ahead on news 4 midday, letting a baby cry itself to sleep? is that healthy or not? >> and why you should rock the red this fall. please stay with us.
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stocks starting the week with mixed results. let's check in for the business headlines. >> we've got them trading slightly lower to start the week.
11:48 am
concerns about slow economic growth in china. overshadowing stimulus from the federal reserve. the dow is up six points. the nasdaq is down 11. china's imports are down 2.46% from last year. economists had been looking for an increase. bad news for prospects for a global economic recovery. also auto sales in china slowing 3.7% in august. and the chinese president is warning growth could stall even further. now, here in the u.s., two potential events later in the week. apple stock touching a new all-time high in trading earlier today. it's fallen back a little since in anticipation of the expected release of the new iphone 5 on wednesday. and raised expectations the federal reserve will take more steps for the economy when a two-day meeting wraps up on thursday. another round of buying treasury bonds to keep interest rates low. or possibly extending its
11:49 am
guidance to 2015 when it comes to letting markets know when this bank might actually start raising those interest rates again. and to close on a lighter note, toys "r" us is getting into the tablet business. it's announcing plans to start selling a device for kids. the tabio. costs $150. and will only be available at toys "r" us stores. it uses google android software and comes free loaded with 50 game apps including angry birds. back to you, keith. never too soon to start creating little consumers out there. >> that wasn't available when i wallace a kid, that's for sure. thanks for stopping by. if you buy just one item this season, you may want to go with a piece that pops this fall in the new hue. that's red. jennifer of fashion washington join us this morning with some
11:50 am
examples. >> i had to break it out, it's fall now. >> red is the color. democrats pushing red because that's -- blue will have to -- >> i think red is a bipartisan color. one of the reasons it returns is it's so pretty on everyone. it's a head to toe red look. >> there are different shades of red. the nancy reagan red? >> who knows? but i think we're talking everything from a classic red like this to a color we're seeing all over on fashion week. >> let's see examples of what you're talking about. what do we got first? i know you brought some pictures. this is a red sleeveless dress. >> you can always wear sleeveless and put something over it. >> sleeveless is never really out. >> we're seeing that more than ever before with the little dress being in. i think that's because our first
11:51 am
lady. who has the arms for it. >> this is how you compare two reds. one has the ox blood skinny jeans with the red top. it's kind of mix it all up. i think -- you see, she doesn't look weird or too matchy. >> some of us avoid buying a red coat because if you're only going to buy one coat, you don't want it to be something everybody's going to remember. >> a red coat's kind of a neutral. maybe that makes you british or redcoat, i don't know. >> this is pretty. >> i believe that's valentino. one of the nice things it feels day and nighttime. you can wear it to cocktails. wear it to work. >> here's the last one. another sleeveless. >> it's a little bit of the color blocking we've been seeing. except this is color on no color blocking because it's got that nice white stripe.
11:52 am
it's such a flattering shade. >> the first lady michelle obama has used in the past. talk a little about her dress she wore for her speech. >> wasn't it pretty? >> really very pretty. not all of us could wear this dress. >> you can actually order it. believe they're going to make a version of it. it's a tracy rece. tracy rece is an african-american designer in new york that the first lady has worn quite a lot. i've heard nothing but praise. >> look at all the red we're seeing. >> there's ann romney. beautiful red dress. >> if we're out there shopping, red's going to catch our eye. >> i think red. green is in too. but red is really -- >> teal -- >> yeah, i think green's the other color. just pair them together. >> nice to see you. read more about this in fashion washington. >> yes, the new issue is just out. >> "washington post." thank you so much. >> red means stop.
11:53 am
in this case, red means go. it's 11:52. coming up, what not to do when you see a wild animal. plus, meteorologist tom kierein. and do you have bieber fever? anncr: this casino's in west virginia.
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but it makes millions off marylanders every year. now they're running dishonest ads. why? because voting for question seven is a vote to build a... world-class resort casino in maryland. creating thousands of jobs and... ...according to the official department of legislative... services, hundreds of millions for our schools. while saving taxpayer money by cutting casino subsidies. question seven. good jobs and better schools in maryland. not west virginia.
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this president can tell us it was someone else's fault. but this president cannot tell us that you're better off today than when he took office. [ female announcer ] here in virginia, we're not better off under president obama. his defense cuts threaten over one hundred thirty thousand jobs, lowering home values, putting families at risk. the romney plan? tax cuts for middle class families. north american energy independence. create over three hundred forty thousand new jobs for virginia. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approved this message.
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when people talk about sleep training and infant, they usually mean letting the baby cry itself to sleep. a new study says there are no long term emotional problems linked to sleep training. in fact, the training can have a positive impact apparently on a baby and mother's mental health. researchers in australia followed children who were sleep trained as infants. parents used special techniques to let children go to sleep on their own. they also had better mental health than parents and children who did not compete a sleep training program. >> here's something people are talking about.
11:57 am
visitors at yellowstone national park up close and personal with wildlife. check this out. group of kids. walking a trail. here comes the bison. and the guy shooting the video encouraged the kids to make friends. the bison's charging at the kids. look at that little guy. you're not catching me any time soon. what are you smiling about? fortunately, no one was hurt. >> i don't think that's funny. >> i don't think it's funny either. >> i don't think so either. let's look at some stories we're follow on news 4 this afternoon. >> pat lawson muse. >> we'll tell you about a grey marriage controversy brewing in maryland. it involves a maryland delegate. plus, it's the night music fans have been waiting for. ♪
11:58 am
the voice returns tonight. we'll catch up with blake shelton to find out what's new this season. at 5:00 today, it's the new face of men's skin care. reports on how this is going way beyond shaving cream and soap these days. >> thank you, pat. a final check on the forecast. >> gorgeous pattern through the rest of the week. enjoy rain saturday night into sunday. see you tomorrow morning. >> see you tomorrow morning. see you tomorrow morning. >> 11:00. we'll see you then. have a great day.
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